Elisa WashWell Plate Analyzer

Elisa WashWell Plate Analyzer

Product Code : JE-AI-10618

Elisa WashWell Plate Analyzer
Technical Specifications
Temperature : + 18º C to 35º C
Voltage : 115 – 230 Volts ± 100%, 50 /60 Hz.
Manifold : 8 Way Manifold
Method : Specially designed Peristaltic Pump
Memory: 8 KB Non volatile RAM battery back up supporting 35 open Channels
Method : Continuous through diaphragm pump while Dispensing hence preventing overflow.
Volume : 300 to 400 ml in steps of 50 ml
Waste Bottle : One (Capacity 2 litres) with audible alarm when bottle is completely filled in with waste solution
Wash Bottle : One (Capacity 2 litres)
Rinse Bottle : One (Capacity 2 litres)
Display : Single line Backlit LCD with 16 characters
Liquid contact materials Silicon, Stainless steel, derline
Humidity : up to 85 %
Washing Method : Longwash, shortwash Rinsing, Priming
Incubator : For Two ELISA Plates, 37º C
TimerIndividually Programmable 
Wattage : 50 Watts
Residual Volume : < 5 ml
Operating Position : On horizontal, rigid, flat and vibration free surface  
Built-in stabilizer.
Specially designed Manifold assembly to prevent any scratching on bottom of well.
Waste bottle full warning with audible alarm.
Temperature : – 10º C to 60º C
Continuous aspiration to prevent overflow.
Removable manifold.
Ability to wash single strip of 8 wells.
Auto detection of bottom of well and collision prevention.
Washwell Plate
Storage Conditions  
Humidity : up to 85 %
Enclosure ABS Fire retardant
User programmable soak time, wash cycles and dispensing volume.
On Board two plate incubator at 370C with programmable timer. 
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