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Atomic Orbital Set

Product Code : EDS-MM-10989

Jainco Export Pink and purple coloured pear shaped lobes represent the two wave phases, positive and negative of the p and d atomic orbitals.
The atomic nuclei are represented by opaque white spheres. 
MolyorbitaI 14 model collection set, Jainco Export containing sufficient parts to make 14 easy to self-assemble atomic orbitals, as shown in the picture. 
Each model comes with its own individual colourless transparent base for display purposes. 
Approximate model heights including base are: s-orbital 5cm, p-orbital 9cm, d-orbital 8cm.
Contents: Is, unhybridised x 1, 2s, unhybridised x1, 2p, unhybridised x3, 3d, unhybridised x5, model of a 2s plus three 2p orbitals, unhybridised x1, sp, sp2, sp3, hybridised x3.


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