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Cement Curing Bench Type Cabinet

Product Code : EDS-CTLE-11357

Cooling system, temperature and humidity control are integrated in the structure and housed on the right cabinet. 
The system is designed to maintain the temperature within the operating range between +18 and +30°C with a relative humidity 95±5%. 
Each one of the 4 cells can be fitted with max 5 sliding grids which can support the moulds with specimens and a large number of cement prisms. 
Jainco Export using a simple plastic pan is also possible to cure specimen in water. 
It can also be used for curing concrete cubes and other mortar specimens. 
Ideal for curing cement specimens in commercial and site laboratories, very practical and easy to use. 
The cabinet is entirely made of “sandwich” stainless steel panels, isolated with polyurethane foam. 
The bench can be conveniently used as a working table being 2240 mm long, 700 mm wide and 860 mm high.
The cabinet has to be connected to the water mains. 

Internal temperature range min/max: 18/30°C
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Ambient temperature min/max: 18/28°C
Capacity: 400 liters approx.
Power rating: total 310 W
Temperature control: Electronic system with digital display and keyboard to set the curing temperature
Cooling system: refrigeration unit with hermetic piston compressor, loaded with HFC ecological refrigerant fluid
Humidity saturation: obtained by a water evaporation system (no water nebuliser) consisting of a water collecting bath, immersed re-circulating pump and hydraulic circuit
Internal humidity range: 95% ± 5% RH
Stainless steel guides allowing shelf positioning every 70mm
Max weight on the shelf: 40kg
Max number of shelves per each cell: 5 (1 included) with 70mm spacing between them
Number of shelves included: 1 per each cell (4 in total)
Inlet water temperature min/max: 5/36°C. The cabinet has Jainco Export to be connected to the water mains.
Shelf plan dimensions: 310mm x 530mm, (w x d)
Total internal height of the cabinet: approx 530mm
Overall dimensions (l x w x h): 2400 x 700 x 860 mm
Weight approx.: 210 kg


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