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Balloon Density Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-STLE-11335

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The cylinder is high-strength plastic, threaded and open on both ends.
Each cylinder is double graduated in cubic metres and cubic feet, minimum graduation is 7cm3 (.00025 cu. ft.). 
Jainco Export used to determine the in-situ density of compacted or firmly bonded soils. 
The test set consists of a graduated cylinder 1596 ml capacity, housed inside an aluminium guard, a reversible rubber aspirator pump, a density plate 9” square and 12 rubber balloons.
Weight approx.: 6 kg
This method for determining the density of in-place compacted or firmly bonded soils uses a rubber balloon apparatus. 
The Apparatus Jainco Export features a pressure-vacuum pump assembly, pressure gauge, quick coupler valve, double-graduated cylinder, 10 balloons and a density plate.
It is not suitable for very soft soil that will deform under slight pressure or in which the volume of the hole cannot be maintained at a constant value.


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