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Battery, gel-cell, 12V/115Ah

Product Code : EL-G-11536

General Description
A512/115, 12V/115Ah sealed, maintenance-free, lead- acid, gel cell battery, suitable for telecoms and solar power applications.

Used for replacement of batteries. 
Also suitable for most VHF/HF base station transceivers and repeaters.

Technical Specifications :-
Sealed 12V/115Ah lead-acid gel cell maintenance-free battery. 
Meets ISO 9000 standards, deep-discharge protected and rapid recharge ability. 
Low self-discharge current allows for long (24 months) shelf life capability. 

Weight/Volume/Dimensions :-

Estimated weight : 40.3kg
Estimated volume : 0.017cbm
Estimated dimensions : 28 x 27 x 23cm


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