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VHF base station kit

Product Code : EL-G-11527

General Description
Complete VHF base station kit, 255 channels, 1-25 Watt, fixed mount 3dB base station antenna and 30 meter RG213 coaxial cable.

Technical Specifications :-
VHF base station radio kit; radio w/display and full keypad microphone, desktop tray, PSU, power cables, fuse, fixed roof mount antenna, antenna cable, lightening arrestor.
V signalling, selective calling, emergency calling, silent interrogate, lone worker, emergency exit, phone patch, whisper mode.
136-174 MHz, 25W, 255 channels, narrow band FM.

Procom 3dB Base Station Antenna for mounting on mast tubes 27-65mm.
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Supplied with :-
Mobile, select 5, VHF 136-174MHz, 1-25W, 255 channels).
Adds Base Station Accessories : (Desktop Tray without speaker), (Microphone), (power supply 230VAC/13.5VDC), (12V cable).  BNC antenna adapter.


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