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Clipper and Clamper Trainer

Clipper and Clamper Trainer

Product Code : JE-ELE-10857

Clipper and Clamper Trainer
Clipper and Clamper Trainer has been designed specifically to study 13 different types of circuit for single level and two level clipping and 6 different types of circuit for clamping. 
Secondly, to observe that the reference voltage can also be used to control the clipping level of output i.e biased clipper. 
Thirdly, to demonstrate the clamping or the jumping action of a signal to a different DC level (either +ve or –ve).
The purpose of this training system is to demonstrate firstly, that clipper has the ability to “clip” OFF a portion of the input signal without distorting the remaining part of the input alternating waveform. 

Good quality, reliable sockets and test points are provided
Built-in 1KHz Sine Wave Generator
A low cost training system including many experiments
Strongly supported by systematic operating instructions

Scope of Learning :
Study of Combination Clipper Circuit
Study of Shunt Positive Clipper and Shunt Negative Clipper Circuits
Study of Series Positive Clipper and Series Negative Clipper Circuits
Study of Biased Shunt Positive Clipper and Biased
Study of Biased Series Positive Clipper and Biased Series Negative Clipper Circuits
Shunt Negative Clipper Circuits
Study of Biased Clamper Circuits
Study of Positive and Negative Clamper Circuits

Technical Specifications:
DC Power Supply : 0 – 5 V (vary through rotary switch for specific voltage level
Mains Supply : 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
Sine Wave Generator : 1 KHz, 15V Vpp (approx.)
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