Counters Trainer

Counters Trainer

Product Code : JE-ELE-10858

Counters Trainer
It helps students to get a practical insight into the working of the counters. 
Counters Trainer is a compact, ready to use digital electronics experiment board. 
Various applications of Counters include counting events or time periods, dividing frequency, addressing and serving as memory units. 
Counters trainer has a built in clock source, logic high-low input facility, LEDs for visual indication of input-output states. 
Besides this, a +5V DC adaptor is also provided for power supply.
Counters are undoubtedly the most important part of any digital circuit. 

Stand Alone system
SPDT switches for input logic selection
LEDs for visual indication of input and output logic states
Easy illustration of different types of counters

Scope of Leaning
Study of 4 bit asynchronous binary up/down Counter
Study of 4 bit synchronous binary up Counter
Verification of operation of programmable Counter

Technical Specifications:
DC Power Supply : +5V DC
Logic levels
+5V : High Logic 1
LED Indication : LED will be ON for logic high or ‘1’ state and will be OFF for logic low or ‘0’ state
0V : Low Logic 0
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