BCD Adder and Subtractor Trainer

BCD Adder and Subtractor Trainer

Product Code : JE-ELE-10856

BCD Adder and Subtractor Trainer
BCD Adder and Subtract or Trainer is a compact, ready to use digital electronics experiment board. 
It can be used as stand-alone unit with +5V adaptor.
LEDs for visual indication and direct reading of the input-output logic states and carry status. 
This product has been designed specifically for the students to study and understand the concept of BCD addition and subtraction processes BCD adder and subtractor trainer has logic high-low input switch facility.

Easy switching between addition and subtraction modes
Unique design
LEDs for visual indication of input-output logic states
Facilitates 1-bit to 8-bit BCD addition and subtraction modes

Scope of Learning:
Study of 1-bit to 8-bit BCD addition
Study of 1-bit to 8-bit BCD subtraction

Technical Specifications:
0 V : Low (Logic 0)
DC Power Supply : +5V DC
Logic levels
LED Indication : LED will be ON for logic high or ‘1’ state and will be OFF for logic low or ‘0’ state
+5V : High (Logic 1)
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