Encoder And Decoder Trainer

Encoder And Decoder Trainer

Product Code : JE-ELE-10863

Encoder and Decoder Trainer
The board is absolutely self-contained and requires no other apparatus.
Encoder and Decoder Trainer have been designed specifically for the study of 8-to-3 Line Encoder and 3- to-8 Line Decoder. 
The Training board explains the phenomena which encodes 8 data lines to 3 lines and decodes 3 data lines to 8 lines. 

Strongly supported by systematic operating instructions
Easy illustration of Encoder and Decoder
Good quality, reliable sockets are provided at appropriate
LEDs for visual indication of inputs and outputs status
SPDT switches for logic selection
+5V SMPS Adaptor provided with the trainer for power supply
places on board for connections
A low cost training system

Scope Of Learning:-
Study and verification of the Truth Table of 3-to-8 Line Decoder.
Study and verification of the Truth Table of 8-to-3 Line Encoder.

Technical Specifications:-
Input : +5V DC
Logic levels
0V : LOW (Logic 0)
LED Indication : LED will be ON (glow) for 1 state and will be OFF for 0 state
+5V : HIGH (Logic 1)
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