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Classic Standard Autoclave

Product Code : EDS-A-10832

The Medical Classic Media autoclave Jainco Export offers a safe method of sterilising media in the school laboratory.
Jainco Export with a one-touch button operation you can set and forget, with no supervision necessary. 
This model has been specifically designed to provide the most suitable working conditions (temperature, pressure and cycle time) for sterilising media and is ideal for educational use.
With an interlock lid for safety, it ensures the unit cannot be opened until the temperature inside has fallen to a safer level, preventing vessels/glassware exploding or liquid leaking. 

Capacity: 12 Litres
Sterilising temperature: 121°C
Min sterilizing time: 22 minutes
Operating pressure: 1.05 bar
Max width - overall: 340mm
Max height - overall: 420mm
Max net weight: 4.3kg
Chamber diameter: 210mm
Chamber height: 318mm
Chamber capacity: 12 litres
Max instrument length: 290mm
Max load weight (unwrapped): 4kg
Voltage: 230v
Wattage: 1500w
Frequency: 50-60Hz


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