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Hematocrit Centrifuge

Product Code : EDS-C-10872

Jainco Export With following accessories: Micro Hematocrite rotor to accommodate 24 capillaries of 75 mm x 1mm, Heparinised capillary tubes 75 mm long x 1mm bore (Pack of 100), Non-Heparinised capillary tubes 75 mm long x 1mm bore (Pack of 100.) Reading device, Sealing wax-1 tray.

Microprocessor based Haematocrite Centrifuge Machine, Max. speed 13000 r.p.m. Compact plastic injection moulded body, Inner safety bowl made of stainless steel, Well balance universal motor having long life with imported carbons.

Microprocessor controlled Preset speed from 2000 to 13000 r.p.m.

Digital display shows Set time/Run time/R.P.M. Microprocessor based Digital timer of range 0-15 min with LCD display.


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