Pitot Tube Setup

Pitot Tube Setup

Product Code : JE-MELE-10991

Pitot Tube Demonstrator
Experimental Capabilities:-
Velocity flow profile in a pipe
Demonstration that the fluid velocity is proportional to the square root of the head difference between the total head and the static head
Operation of a piton static tube and pressurized water manometer

Technical Specifications:-
Approximate dimensions 1.0m x 0.55m x 0.23m
Piton tube with scale to determine the position within the pipe diameter
Includes pressurized water manometer with scale length 500 mm
The piton tube is connected to a pressurized water manometer to measure the differential head across the piton static tube.
Set of connecting tubes
It is designed for use with the Hydraulics Bench and includes compatible connecting tubes.
The position of the measuring tip relative to the wall of the pipe can be read on a scale.
The piton tube can be moved across the cross-section of the pipe in order to measure the dynamic head profile.
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