Air Flow Studies

Air Flow Studies

Product Code : JE-MELE-10962

Air Flow Studies
The equipment comprises a long smooth walled pipe connected to the suction side of an electrically driven centrifugal fan. 
Air enters the smooth walled pipe through one of the two flow-measurement nozzles provided.
Pressure measurements are made on a multi-tube inclinable manometer mounted on the support frame.
A conventional flow-measuring orifice plate is supplied for installing in the pipe upstream of the fan for additional demonstrations of pressure loss and recovery. 
Pressure tapings along the length of the pipe permit the pressure gradient to be determined. 
A bend or mitered cascade elbow may be fitted midway along the smooth wall pipe for comparison of pressure losses. 
Boundary layer growth is determined by the measurement of the velocity profile at five stations along the pipe using a traversing Piton tube.
A Piton tube is traversed vertically and horizontally at different distances from the discharge orifice to investigate the dispersion properties. 
Air-jet studies are carried out on the discharge side of the fan. 
The fan discharge pipe terminates in a flow-control damper for closed conduit work or a plate containing a small aperture for jet dispersion measurements. 
The equipment is mounted on a floor-standing steel frame with an adjacent support for the extended suction pipe. 

Orifice plate
Piton traverse
Alternative bends and bell mouth
Jet traverse Piton assembly

Demonstration Capabilities:-
Relating pressure loss in a duct to flow rate
Practical demonstration of the quantitative flows in geometry described in the laws of conservation of mass and momentum
Using manometers to measure pressure drop
Employing nozzles and orifices to measure flow
Using a Piton-static tube to measure flow
Understanding the use of Reynolds’ numbers
Understanding and measuring velocity profiles
Measuring the dispersion of a jet
Measuring the flow resistance of duct fittings

Technical Specifications:-
Jet discharge pipe orifice: dia. 30 mm
Centrifugal fan capacity: 218 l/s at STP
Manometer fluid: Kerosene (s.g. 0.78)
Inlet pipe: dia. 80 mm
length: 2.75 m
Interchangeable nozzles: dia. 50 mm and 80 mm
Internal pipe orifice: dia. 50 mm
Pipe velocity range: 0-35 m/s
Manometer range: 0-283 mm H2O
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