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Simulator, childbirth, complete, dark

Product Code : EL-MET-11894

Product Description
Complete childbirth simulator, dark complexion, used for demonstration and practice of normal childbirth of single foetus and early postpartum management.

Technical specifications :-
Simulation will cover the following obstetric procedures:
- Normal vaginal delivery of single foetus;
- Palpation of foetal fontanels;
- Cutting and clamping umbilical cord;
- Examination of placenta, umbilical cord and membranes during normal delivery
- Early postpartum management;

General design requirements :-
Simulator facilitates visualisation of basic anatomical landmarks of female adult, such as pelvic cavity, spine etc. 
The palpable abdominalcover simulates adult female abdominal wall.
Full term foetal baby with palpable fontanelles and attachable umbilical cord, dark complexion.

Materials of the simulator : Neoprene, Polyoxymethylene - POM, Poly vinyl chloride - PVC, Polypropylene - PP, Silicone, Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride- -CPVC, Polyester, Nylon, Lycra, Stainless Steel.

Manual birthing system to enable the user to control the rotation and speed of foetus delivery and management of the delivery procedure. Controllable uterine firmness, from atonic to fully contracted.

Umbilical cord can be disassembled and reassembled to demonstrate the cutting/clamping of the cord and early cord management.

Texture of the simulator : soft and smooth, friction free to demonstrate the desired procedures.
Realistically sculpted to resemble and simulate the management of normal and breech deliveries, feeling smooth /resilient / bony as relevant and suitable for simulation.


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