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Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator

Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator

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Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator
Municipal waste incineration is the most advanced level of the waste disposal / treatment hierarchy
Indiscriminate dumping, controlled dumping, landfilling, sanitary landfilling, and mechanical treatment. 
Solid waste arises from human activities- Domestic commercial, Industrial, agricultural, wastewater treatment, and so on.
Incineration system provides an effective means of reducing the volume of Municipal solid. 
Produced steam can be used purpose of heating or power generation. 
Municipal solid waste incinerator is turned waste into ash and combustible gases at 1000°C in primary chamber 
The temperature is raised to 1100°C for at least 2 seconds to incinerate the wastes with a content of more than 1% of halogenated organic substances. 
The incinerator reduces most combustible solid waste to nearly 2-3 percent by volume and 5 percent by weight.

Fully automatic sequential control provided by internal PLC system providing control of:

Primary Chamber
Secondary chamber pre-heat
burn cycle (variable)
cool down cycle

Primary Chamber:
Fully insulated internal refractory lining, constructed from high grade refractory brick ensuring a self-supporting interlocked arrangement.
Manually operated, access lid.
A pre-cast blocks impact zone that protects the refractory lining when loading.
Waste ignition burner, temperature controlled on-off, complete with internal air fans

Secondary Chamber:
Secondary chamber burnout burner, temperature controlled on-off, complete with internal air fans.
Fully insulated internal refractory lining, constructed from high grade low thermal mass insulation.
Temperature sensor mounting point of the chamber ensuring the chamber reaches the necessary 850°C minimum.
Integrated combustion burner air fans with automatically controlled distribution to their designated area.

Fuel Options
Natural Gas

Main chamber: 750°C – can reach in excess of 1000°C*
Secondary chamber: 850°C – 1100°C*

Fully automatic
Flame recognition and combustion control devices fitted.
High-efficiency burners with electronic ignition

Steel welded fabrication consisting of sheet steel and structural section supports.

Ash Removal
Easy and safe manual ash removal from the primary chamber.
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