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Rotary Kiln Incinerator

Rotary Kiln Incinerator

Product Code : JE-ME-10739

Rotary Kiln Incinerator
Capacity: 500/1000/1500/2000 Kg/Hr.
Rotary Kiln (Rotataing Cylinder)
Combustion efficiency is at least 99%.
Combustion Chamber
Wastes to be incinerated are not chemically treated with any chlorinated disinfectants.
Temperature of primary chamber is minimum of 800°C-1500°C and the secondary chamber is minimum 1200°C -1900°C.
Power Requirement: LPG, N-Gas, Diesel, Electrical
Air Pollution control device
The secondary chamber gas residence time at least two seconds.
Ash from incineration of waste is disposed of at common hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility. However, it may be disposed of in municipal landfill, if the toxic metals in incineration ash are within the regulatory quantities.

To maintain designed heat capacity of the kiln, quantity of the solid waste injection package (kg/single injection) shall be adjusted w.r.t. calorific value of the waste feed.
Temp. Indicator for Scrubber and stack ON/OFF switches, fuses, sensors, hooter etc. complete with in all respectfully lined with refractory materials and fitted with high quality packing to seal the door.
Appropriate slope (in general, 3 degrees), rotation rates and solid waste residence time (1-10 hrs) may be adjusted for the kilns, in order to achieve total organic carbon (TOC) and loss on ignition (LOI) requirements in the ash/slag.
To ensure life of refractory and insulation bricks, it is a practice to feed silica and glass in appropriate ratios to the kilns to form a cover over the refractory lining, as and when the thickness of the layer reduces.
It has been reported that reduction of out-side surface temperature of the rotary kiln enhances the life of refractory bricks and lining. Thus may be explored, where feasible.
Material of Construction Heavy duty steel with higher thickness used in kiln and structures fabrication for extremely long life.
When a high calorific value possessing solid waste is injected in packets, the size of each injection may be reduced, such that the peak CO concentration in the Kiln does not exceed too high in the initial stage, creating shooting of emissions to the secondary chamber, thereby crisis in ensuring the required retention time.
Chimney of 5/10/15/30 mtrs height from ground level OR as per country’s regulation and client’s requirement
In the rotary kiln, the temperature shall be maintained at 800+°C in order to ensure complete burning of solid waste. Controlled flow of air shall be maintained for complete volatilization of solid waste.
Ash removal doors are provided in the primary, secondary and settling 
Primary Rotating Chamber (keeps rotating at a low speed to ensure excellent quality of incineration).
Rotary incinerator equipped with feeder bucket elevator/ram feeder and conveyor for continuous waste feeding.
Static Secondary Chamber
Insulated and Refractory lined chambers
I D Fan to maintain the negative draft and control the gas flow
Fuel Oil Tank & Piping
Electrical Control Panel
Emergency stack to vent out the gases in case of power failure
Various types of Air Pollution Control Devices (Quencher, Venturi Scrubber, Packed Bed Scrubber, Bag House Filtration system with Teflon Bags, Bag House Filtration system with Ceramic Filters).
F D Fan for providing air inside the chambers.
Interconnecting ducts & piping
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