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Tube, endotracheal, 3, without cuff, sterile,

Product Code : EL-CPG-11716

General Description
Tube, endotracheal, 3, without cuff, sterile, disposable

Instructions for use :-
Sterile Endotracheal tube :
Device used to correct a deficiency in respiratory function during general anaesthesia or resuscitation.
Device designed to be introduced into the trachea via the mouth or nose in order to link the trachea (upper respiratory tract) to the outside air, giving the possibility to provide ventilation assistance to patient (manual or mechanical).
Inserting the endotracheal tube must be done only by staff trained in resuscitation practice.
Intended for endotracheal tubes for adults or children depending the diameter.
Lubricate the distal end of the endotracheal tube and the distal 1/2 of the Endotracheal Tube

Technical Specifications :-
Endotracheal tube shall meet the standards describing the dimensions, the tube characteristics, tube point and tube markings.
Endotracheal tube with :
Open distal end and Magill-type point with oral angle of 37.5º.
Standard connector (ext. Ø 15mm) at the proximal end enabling the tube to be connected to the ventilation system.
Radio opaque mark.
With Murphy's eye.
Endotracheal tube without cuff.
Size : Ø internal 3mm.
Material : Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Initial sterilisation method : Ethylene oxide gas or Gamma radiation.


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