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Tape umbilical, 3mmx50m, non sterile

Product Code : EL-DS-11729

General Description
Tape, umbilical, 3mm x 50m, non-sterile

Instructions for use :-
Umbilical tape used as a ligature thread to tie the umbilical cord.
Braided flat cotton thread selected to prevent damage to the umbilical cord and/or untying of knots, avoid monofilament, round or thin ligature thread. 
Umbilical tape delivered as a roll, non sterile, note: ligature thread can be sterilized in steam sterilizer.

Technical Specifications :-
Non sterile umbilical tape roll.
Material : 100 % cotton.
Size selected : Tape umbilical roll.
Width : 3mm.
Length : 50m.
Single use.
Ligature thread for umbilical cord.
Braided and flat.


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