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Fluorescent Microscope

Fluorescent Microscope

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Fluorescent Microscope
Fluorescent Microscope is used for capillary examination. 
These different layers are displayed in the picture.
It is also useful in the diagnosis of filariasis and leptospirosis. 
The principle of this method is the malaria parasite picks up fluorescent stain into their nucleus and cytoplasm, so that its morphologic characteristics can be examined by fluorescent microscopy.
By changing the light source to fluorescent light the parasitic forms can be seen as greenish orange stained structures. 
The Blood components settle at different levels in the capillary
The nucleus appears green and the cytoplasm reddish orange
The Capillary is coated with Acridine orange on its inside. 
Parents Blood is loaded into this capillary and centrifuged at 12000 rpm for 5 minutes. 
This technique is a new, highly sensitive rapid method of diagnosing malaria. 
Using only transmitted light the parasitic forms are seen as block pigmented structures as shown in the preceding photomicrographs.
Examination of the area just below granulocyte-RBC junction helps to detect the malarial parasites, as these are concentrated in this are upto 1000 times. 
Examination of Lymphocyte / monocyte layer using transmitted light helps to detect the schizonts, and gametocytes which gets concentrated in this layer very easily.
The granulocyte layer is then seen under 62x oil objective. 
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