Orifice Discharge Apparatus

Orifice Discharge Apparatus

Product Code : JE-MELE-10986

Orifice Discharge Apparatus
The Orifice Discharge accessory consists of a cylindrical clear acrylic tank which has an orifice fitted in the base. 
In addition to the sharp edged orifice six additional orifices with different profiles are supplied.
Attached to this piton tube is a fine wire which can be traversed across the jet to accurately measure the jet diameter and the vena contract diameter and so determine the contraction coefficient.
A traverse assembly is provided which enables a piton tube to be positioned anywhere in the jet.
All orifices have a common bore of 13 mm for direct comparison of performance.
The piton head and the total head across the orifice are shown on manometer tubes adjacent to the tank.
All orifices have a common bore of 13 mm for direct comparison of performance.

Technical Specifications:-
Cylindrical clear acrylic tank with orifice fitted in base
Quick-release fitting for easy connection to Hydraulics Bench
Standard orifice: Sharp-edged 13mm diameter
Seven interchangeable orifices
Piton tube and wire-on micrometer to measure jet velocity and diameter
Traverse mechanism: Lead screw with adjusting nut calibrated 0.1mm per division
Educational software available as an option
Max head: 365mm
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