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Stand, single bowl, on castors

Product Code : EL-HF-11856

General Description
Stand, single bowl, on castors

Technical Specifications :-
Movable fixed height stand to hold single bowl
Heavy carriage mounted on 5 swivel castors
Capacity of bowl : 3-6L
Lower-end support column is deep and securely fixed into the carriage-base
Support column upper-side fit with ring structure in which matching bowl mounts securely

Materials :-
High resistance to corrosion (tropical environment)
Carriage-base : single moulded unit, polypropylene or nylon
Support column, ring structure and bowl : Austenitic stainless steel 18/10
Caster frame/bracket : polypropylene or nylon
Wheel bearing : polypropylene or nylon
Castor fixation into carriage base : stainless steel
Caster wheel : twin-wheel, solid-type, non-hooded (for easy maintenance), polypropylene or nylon


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