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GPS, or the Global Positioning System, is a global navigation satellite system that provides location, velocity and time synchronization. GPS is everywhere. You can find GPS systems in your car, your smartphone and your watch. GPS helps you get where you are going, from point A to point B. GPS Manufacturers; Exporters; Suppliers, buy GPS Online India, Lab Equipment Manufacturers in India. Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Educational Trainer Manufacturers, School Educational Equipments Manufacturers & Exporters, GPS Manufacturers in India.

VHF portable radio kit,

Product Code : EL-G-11523

General Description Portable VHF radio kit containing handset with two NiMH batteries and 230 volt charger. Note : This radio does not have keyboard and therefore has limited selective calling features.

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Portable VHF radio kit

Product Code : EL-G-11524

General Description Portable VHF radio kit containing handset with two NiMH batteries and 230 Volt charger. Technical Specifications :- 6 key menu keypad. 255 channel capacity. Private line and 5-tone (Select V) selective signalling.

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Portable radio kit

Product Code : EL-G-11525

General Description Portable VHF radio kit containing handset with two batteries and charger. Technical Specifications :- Full keyboard for improved selective dialling and telephone dialling (in networks with these services) 255 channel capacity. L

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VHF mobile station kit

Product Code : EL-G-11526

General Description Complete VHF mobile station kit, 25 Watt, 255 channels, with fixed mount 5/8 wavelength mobile antenna, cables and microphone. Technical Specifications :- Advanced VHF (146-174MHz) mobile radio. Internal loudspeaker.

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VHF base station kit

Product Code : EL-G-11527

General Description Complete VHF base station kit, 255 channels, 1-25 Watt, fixed mount 3dB base station antenna and 30 meter RG213 coaxial cable.

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VHF repeater kit,

Product Code : EL-G-11528

General Description Complete VHF repeater, 45 Watt version (for 25-100 Watt). For permanent operation in field networks. Suitable for small to medium sized emergency and regular operations or as secondary repeater in heavy-duty networks.

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HF radio base kit,

Product Code : EL-G-11529

General Description Standard HF base station radio for use in standard networks Technical Specifications :- HF base station radio kit; radio w/handset, RF unit, PSU, power cables w/fuse, desk console, base antenna, coaxial cable, lightening arrestor

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HF radio mobile kit

Product Code : EL-G-11530

General Description Standard HF mobile station radio for use in standard HF networks Technical Specifications :- Standard 4/6-digit selective calling, emergency calling, GPS enabled, optional telephone interconnect.

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HF data modem

Product Code : EL-G-11531

General Description Modem for data over HF radio, with communications software. For use with data capable HF base station

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HF radio manpack kit

Product Code : EL-G-11532

General Description Light-weight, rugged and waterproof portable HF radio kit for field and emergency usage, composed of transceiver with built-in antenna tuner and internal GPS for position tracking.

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GPS receiver

Product Code : EL-G-11533

General Description A basic GPS receiver; GPS 72H is a non-mapping waterproof, rugged basic GPS receiver Technical Specifications :- GPS 72H is a basic GPS receiver suitable for field operations.

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200 watt solar power system

Product Code : EL-G-11534

General Description Complete 200 watt solar power system for heavy-duty applications. Suitable for powering heavy-duty applications such as : HF base station, VHF repeater station, etc.

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100 watt solar power system

Product Code : EL-G-11535

General Description Complete 100 watt solar power system for heavy duty applications. Suitable for powering heavy-duty applications such as HF voice station, VHF base station, etc. Combined with power inverter (DC to AC) the system can also power AC

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Battery, gel-cell, 12V/115Ah

Product Code : EL-G-11536

General Description A512/115, 12V/115Ah sealed, maintenance-free, lead- acid, gel cell battery, suitable for telecoms and solar power applications. Used for replacement of batteries. Also suitable for most VHF/HF base station transceivers and repeat

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Tool kit, for ICT technicians

Product Code : EL-G-11537

General Description Tool kit composed of essential hand-tools for installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems and solutions radio, VSAT, data-communications, etc.

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