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Catheter, Foley, CH10,

Product Code : EL-CPG-11705

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General Description
Catheter, Foley, CH10, sterile, disposable

Instructions for use :-
Sterile urethral catheter with balloon, Foley catheter 2-way, designed to be introduced into the bladder cavity, to drain off urine, for medium /long term catheterization. 
When inserting a urethral catheter, use strict aseptic techniques.
If lubrication is necessary to help to introduce the catheter, the substance used must not cause physical or chemical alterations to the catheter.
If necessary, use sterile water.
The balloon should be inflated with water or physiological saline.

Technical Specifications :-

Material : Natural latex, silicone coated.
Size selected:
Diameter : CH10
Length : 20 - 30cm
Balloon capacity : 3 – 5ml
Initial sterilisation method : ethylene oxide gas.

Urethral catheter with balloon : Foley catheter 2-way with nelaton tip.
Central channel for urinary drainage, straight rounded distal end with lateral eyes, proximal end with cup connector allowing catheter to be connected to urine bag.
Side channel for inflating balloon, ending by a non-return valve with Luer tip connector.
Diameter expressed in Charriere, French gauge.
Length expressed in cm.
Balloon capacity expressed in ml.
Colour code / external diameter visible on connector.


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