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Student Digital Joulemeter

Product Code : EDS-MSE-10695

Student Digital Joulemeter is designed specifically for student use. 
Power is by means of a 9V DC mains adaptor included.
The unit can measure energy from 1 joule to 999,999 joules, with accuracy of 3%, but 1% accuracy is typical. 

Circuitry : Microprocessor, combined with precision voltage multiplier.
Built-in timing function, the start button starts timer and joulemeter together and at the same time starts powering up the load. 
Input voltage: 0V to 15V AC, or 0V to 21V DC (maximum).
Maximum load current : 10A AC/DC
The stop button stops the timer and joulemeter, and disconnects the input power from the load.
Display: 2 x 16 character LCD
Dimensions: 90 x 90 x33mm


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